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  • Sivonnia DeBarros

What lie are you telling yourself?

Yesterday, I took my four-year-old son to downtown Chicago to do a little shopping and eat

If you know anything about walking long distances with toddlers, you know that they get tired quickly or can't move as fast. So I brought his lightweight stroller to push him.

We had walked about four blocks before we reached the cross walk of Washington & Clark. From across the street, I saw an elderly blind man, batting the ground to determine if it was safe enough to cross.

Cars kept turning and driving regardless of the immediate need of the blind old man to cross. As soon as I was able, I jetted across the street and asked, "Do you need help crossing?" He replied, "Oh, Yes. Thank you."

I told him, "well hold my arm because I'm pushing a stroller." We entered a dialogue about my child and his age and when it was safe to cross, he held on tightly and we traversed to the other side of the street.

Before saying goodbye, I asked if he was okay to keep heading towards his destination and he responded that he was.

I'm sharing this story because I want you to know that you've been equipped to "cross and continue to your destination."

Seeing and helping this elderly blind mind reminded me that, in spite of his physical ailments, he had made up his mind that he had a destination to reach. It didn't matter the roadblocks in his way. He still ventured out to reach his destination.

There's a certain amount of faith that's operating in that moment, knowing that although you may suffer a certain debilitation, the right person will come along to help you cross and reach your destination.

I want you to ask yourself: "What lie am I telling myself that's keeping me from reaching my destination?" Know that when you start to move toward your destination, the right person will always come along to help you through the journey to reach it.

Check out my bestselling book, What Are You Sporting About? to help you move forward in route to your destination.

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