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Make sure you're the only one making $$$ off your name.
It's Time to PROTECT your BRAND!


Anyone can lay claim to your name by filing for a trademark claiming that they have created a business around your name. Do you want to fight your mom, brother, uncle, or anybody else for that reason simply because you didn't protect your name early enough?!

And not just that, but if you make the wrong decision in a contract, it could mean that you've sold your name for pennies on the dollar! Now, I know you don't want that either!

The value of your name just went up drastically, and if


you don't do anything to protect that asset - your birthright - you're going to be the one looking like a fool when it's all said and done. There's no better time than now. It's time to Protect what's rightfully yours so NO-ONE ELSE can claim it.


Schedule Your Free Consultation with me now to discover how to create a strong brand & protect it so that it will support you post-pro sports.

Want to know why waiting until after your pro-sport career is over, is too late and too dangerous to protect your name? 

Protector of Athletes represents Millionaire Entrepreneurs & Athletes 
and has been featured on platforms like

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Don't get caught up in the Glam & Fame! This is the exact moment where people will start bomb rushing you trying to sell any and everything that won't push the needle to create a strong brand or future for you.

Chances are, you've never had an attorney to protect your interests, but this is one that you don't want to miss!



Start with this Complimentary Call


Put me on your team! Someone who cares about your future! The Protector of Athletes!

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