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Hi There!

I'm Sivonnia DeBarros, the Protector of Athletes, Author, Speaker, & Lawyer.

It's my goal to impact 20 thousand athletes to encourage, motivate, educate and support them to a life of fulfillment and freedom.

As a speaker, I know the importance of delivering a message that not only provides impact, but also shifts the room and empowers the listeners to MOVE. Don't lose out on bringing a dynamic speaker to your next event.


Name, Image, & Likeness 

NIL is a very hot sports topic. However, as a first-generation lawyer, the Protector of Athletes understands the personal and foundational issues that are paramount to truly owning and protecting one's name, image, and likeness.

In this talk, the Protector guides the athletes with her proprietary framework, Have Your S.A.E. TM so the athlete understands how to shift their mindset for success, how to be accountable, and how to elevate at each level through the power of education.

Name, Image, & Likeness: Legal

This NIL talk/workshop dives deeper in helping the athlete understand the legal underpinnings of entrepreneurism and how to develop and manage a professional team, how to navigate contractual relationships and vetting of others, and how to manage conflicts of interests.

Scaling for Personal & Professional Success

In this talk or workshop, the Protector uses her proprietary framework to The S.C.A.L.E. Formula to breakdown issues of self-confidence and self-worth, illustrating how the athlete can celebrate their achievements, then leverage those achievements for greater accomplishments, and learn to empower others.

What Are You Sporting About? 

In this talk, the Protector of Athletes takes the athlete through a deep dive of self-discovery to determine what their true purpose is. Essentially, what are you sporting about? We know that many athletes leave the sport in a worse condition than what they started and thus, the goal for this talk/workshop is to help the athlete understand and promote their purpose throughout sporting so they can transition without professional incident.

Finding the Formula of Life to Thrive

This NIL talk/workshop helps the listener to see the beauty in life by immediately recognizing what are voids, deficits, and deposits. The ability to recognize these issues will help the listener to take control of their lives by protecting themselves from deficient issues.

Diversity & Inclusion in Sports

Now more than ever, people are more intrigued and concerned about diversity and inclusion issues. As a first-generation lawyer, the Protector of Athletes understands the nuanced issues of diversity, race, and inclusion and provides interactive workshops that illustrates implicit and explicit bias, empathy, inclusion, and exclusion exercises. Athletes will will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of their individual biases and what they can do to play a diversity inclusive part in sports.


A Frugal Athlete


Sivonnia has been a game changer for me as I look to maintain my shield and level up in my business ventures. To have the knowledge that you are protected and someone over you shoulder looking out for you is very reassuring. Sivonnia does a great job of detailing out everything you need in order to succeed while also holding you accountable and implementing new ways to look at potential opportunities

Dear Athletes Inc.


Such an enriching conversation filled with support, connection and solution focused goals. Sivonnia is professional, sweet, and focused on results that yield results. She was excited to connect me to her own network and meet the needs of my business! Such a secret weapon to have in your professional network!

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You're going to be the next BIG THING IN SPORTS BUSINESS. Get to know Sivonnia and her writings and her podcasts!!! 

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