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  • Sivonnia DeBarros

3 Shift Process to Declutter for Greatness

Did you know that 91% of people said that they would be more effective and efficient if their workspace was better organized? In fact, 28% said they would "save over an hour per day and 27 percent said they would save 31 to 60 minutes each day." (2008, National Association of Professional Organizers Study).

If you have employees, you may also want to ensure that they are keeping up with assigned tasks, because the author of The Organized Executive, Stephanie Winston, "estimates a manager loses 1 hour/day to disorder, costing the business up to $4,000/yr if earning $35,000/yr – or $8,125/yr at $65,000."

Shocking, right?

The truth is, whether you're solo or have a small team, there are three things that I've found that are keeping folks cluttered and unable to properly perform.

Therefore, I created the 3 Shift Process™ to help you declutter and get on the road to greatness that you desire:

1. Shift Your Space.

2. Shift Your Mind.

3. Shift Your Attitude.

Shift Your Space. This concept is imperative because you want to make sure that your environment is conducive to your success. Thus, clean your space so you are better organized and can see what needs to get done. Rid yourself of negative people and things. This will help you to have a healthy environment to work in.

Shift Your Mind. This is about learning how to operate in a growth mindset. Those who operate in growth do so from a level of resilience knowing that no matter what comes up against them, they'll continue trying. Shifting your mind allows you to see the possibilities versus the "not-so-pretty-now."

Shift Your Attitude. Remember the saying, "your attitude determines your altitude"? It's true. If you have a negative attitude, nothing will change. In fact, things will get worse. If you approach situations with a positive attitude, you'll see how your energy changes and you find working solutions to what seem to be problems. Try IMPROV with your problem - Yes, but ... For example: Yes, I lost my job, but that will give me more time to set up a real plan for my future. Yes, my contract wasn't extended, but I now have the opportunity to work on the dream business I've put off for years.

Remember, "things get messier before they get better." When we start to clean up areas in our lives that we've allowed becoming cluttered, we have to do the work to declutter, starting with the 3 Shift Process.

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