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  • Sivonnia DeBarros

Decluttering for Greatness

Last night I did some winter cleaning in my office. To be honest, every time I walked by the office or went in there to do work, I cringed because it was messy and I never seemed to have time or the energy to clean up.

But instead of leaving it as is, I said, "girl, this has got to get better." Now, what you don't know is that I'm kind of a neat freak, but my work space (with all the files, pens, stick-it notes, etc.) can get a little cluttered at times causing additional anxiety and frustration for me.

So... I begin the arduous task of cleaning.

What I noticed after I sat down to take a break is that no matter what you clean, it always gets messier before it gets better.

I begin sweeping after moving the sofa in my office. There was a pile of rubbish consisting of a few of my child's small toys, pieces of small paper and dust. I had to move things around and begin to discard items that I thought I needed, but it really just took up more space. Then I vacuumed my beautiful area rug to pick up the mess I couldn't see with my own eyes. I decluttered my beautiful gold and glass console, sprayed and cleaned the glass with a glass cleaner.

I'm telling you this because at every stage of cleaning, I realized there will always be a bigger mess when we decide to clean up our life or business. To get to a clean space, a clear mind, a profitable business, you must declutter, rearrange, shift, and clean up all the mess that's been keeping you from greatness.

Let me help you do that. In 2022, my sports brand, Athletes Making Moves™, is launching a new course where we'll be helping athletes, athlete entrepreneurs, and business owners declutter their negative thinking, declutter and clean up their self-identity, and put the pieces together to create a beautiful and profitable business.

Interested? Join the waitlist HERE.

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