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  • Sivonnia DeBarros

Don't Become A Pro-Victim!

Sometimes, there are painfully experiences which loom in the background from our childhood that we have taken into our present and inevitably, the future.

Those experiences, hurts, and pains have inevitably become apart of our subconscious, guiding us to behave and believe a certain way.

Most times, our former experiences will dictate the type of people that we attract, help, or avoid.

But what happens when those former experiences are the constant underlining of why you are a pro-victim? Failing to deal with your issues will cause a huge delay or complete elimination of discernment that you need to remain protected.

Trust me. I know. I've been there. Betrayal is the hardest thing to heal from especially when it occurs by a close friend or family member. And... especially if it costed you six-figures which is not an uncommon story in the pro-sport world.

In my new book, What Are You Sporting About?, I will help you understand why your past is paramount to creating healing for discernment and to repair that pro-victimization label.

To learn more about my upcoming release or to pre-order your copy of What Are You Sporting About?, simply click here.


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