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In my last post, I spoke to you about the Dreamer. One thing you and I know for sure, is that we will work very hard to realize our dreams.

As you grow, mature, and start preparing for the next phase of your life, you have to "get on your mark... get set... and go." You begin the race to the finish line. But the largest problem most of us have is that we've never realized what our finish line would be. Basically, what that looks like.

We've worked so hard to make our dreams come true and have somewhat branded ourselves as work-a-holics for the simple pleasure of success, but can't even draw a picture of the finish line beyond our simple dreaming conceptions.

Wouldn't it all be in vein without a plan? Wouldn't it all be in vein if you don't know what the end game is?

Trust me, it's cool to know that you can accomplish all that you set out to achieve. But, once you reach that pinnacle level of "pro" status, it's imperative that you know - without a doubt - "what you are sporting about."

In my new book, What Are You Sporting About?, in the chapter, Let the Games Begin, I take the reader on a journey to understand how becoming a work-a-holic for success may work in your favor, but also realizing that within you lie a true passion and purpose. The lessons and relationships garnered from becoming pro should be used as tools to push you further into a life of success post-pros. Take the time to discover your true passions. Allow your true purpose to blossom and see the magic happen.

To learn more about my upcoming release or to pre-order your copy of What Are You Sporting About?, simply click here.


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