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Ask any successful person you know about how they achieved their level of success and they''ll - undoubtedly - tell you that it's because of their mentor that they were able to see the forest from the trees.

I think that some people undervalue the benefits of having a mentor. And not just any mentor! A qualified mentor. In What Are You Sporting About? I describe what a qualified mentor is and why you need one.

To put it simply, here's an example. Ever have an idea or a legal issue and the person who's giving you advice is simply talking "out the side of their face" about what you should do or should've done with no proven record to illustrate that their advice has merit? I call those people "street lawyers." 

When you realize the difference between a qualified mentor and faux mentor ("someone pretending to know something), that'll be your first step to recognizing the phase you're in and the next steps you must take.

Speaking from experience, I've had qualified mentors at every level of my life. I've had peers who were qualified mentors because they poured into me, understood my vision and were studious and making immense headway in their own lives. My high school and college coaches were mentors and still are today. My mother, who I've had friction with at different points in my life, was and still a qualified mentor to me. She's the one who helped me to determine what to major in as an undergrad dreaming about law school one day. She's the one who helped to proofread "What Are You Sporting About?"  

Simply, don't underestimate the need for a qualified mentor. We all need guidance - the right guidance - to reach our ultimate dreams. We all need someone who's been there and can impart knowledge that will help to smooth the sting of life. We all need someone who can pour into our spiritual bodies to keep us steady, humbled and on even footing.

Check out the podcast episode with Omari J. Garrett discussing the need for qualified mentors and how he stood out as a Renowned Mentor for students in Chicago.


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