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  • Sivonnia DeBarros

Setting Boundaries in Business

I've been thinking about the word "boundaries." What type of emotion comes up when you think about that word?

I know from experience that most people don't really have a great association with it until they need to set "boundaries for others." If I'm being real, the thought of telling someone else that they need to step back literally and figuratively, can give people pause.

Why is that?

I ran across this amazing Forbes article that discusses why boundaries are so important and I must agree.

Setting professional boundaries helped me to scale my business to a six-figure business, but it's going to take setting personal and additional professional boundaries to scale even further.

If you know like I know, six figures ain't really six figures. LOL. You feel me? And if you're like me: ambitious, persistent, and eagerly dreaming of the life you desire, you can't allow the lack of boundaries to get in your way.

Face the challenge head on. Make the decisions that need to be made and set boundaries for yourself and others so you can stay the course.

As we approach a new year, I don't want you to forget to celebrate the boundaries you've implemented, but think about how they can be enhanced so you can protect the life you want.

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