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At some point in our lives, we've all dreamed of becoming something more than what we were. We dared to dream big, imaging all the places we would go and all the good we would do.

Some of us may have even imagined that our names would be in lights, a crowd of people would cheer us on and we'd be rushed with insurmountable love and praise! There was nothing keeping you from coining this dream - this hope that you would one day, be a star in your own right.

What happens when the dream actually becomes your reality? You realize that I've done it. I put in the work and it paid off. You're overcome with so much emotion and glee that you start to fall victim to all the things your dreams never prepared you for.

In my new book, What Are You Sporting About?, I take the reader on a journey back to the beginning of time when they were simply - A Dreamer. Illustrating that nothing was impossible at that moment. Frankly, nothing is impossible now.

We're all still dreamers and that'll never subside. Once we accomplish one thing, we're always challenging ourselves to think bigger and more outside the box.

However, our dreams will never be the central thing to prepare us for the contingency issues of life. We have to create a mindset to understand the "what ifs" to ensure the safeguarding of the dream now and the beyond.

To learn more about my upcoming release or to pre-order your copy of What Are You Sporting About?, simply click here.


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