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  • Sivonnia DeBarros

The Brand of You!

What's your brand? I don't mean your business or who you serve. I mean what are others really saying about you?

Last month, a fellow business owner re-shared one of my posts and he titled it "Smart-Passionate-Focused" and ended with "how can you not love Sivonnia."

Then I received a comment on one of my videos by a young woman saying: "Your cadence and flow is musical and appealing!"

I mean... geesh, meeee?

What others think and say about you is just as much a part of your brand as the services or products you've put on the market.

If others are saying negative things about you, chances are you're not getting any business.

Therefore, to ensure that your personal brand is on point, implement my 2021 Method: Boundaries & Consistency.

I went into last year knowing that I had to create celebrity in an area where I wished to serve others at a higher level and I accomplished that by setting proper boundaries around my business, time, services, and myself; and by showing up consistently.

Want to learn more about branding and how to protect it? Join the Inaugural Athletes Making Moves Course™ that launched March 21, 2022.

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